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Use AI in your everyday life to be the best version of yourself. Imagine receiving a personalized AI coaching that empowers you to reach your full potential. humAIn's AI learning course and counseling can help you develop new skills, overcome challenges, and boost your productivity. Whether you want to master a new language, improve your communication skills, or simply become more mindful, humAIn can provide the tailored guidance and support you need to thrive.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more than just a piece of technology; it's turning into an essential part of our everyday lives. Experts see a future where AI blends seamlessly with humans boosting productivity, creativity, innovation, and connection.


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By 2025, automation and AI will displace 85 million jobs globally, but also create 97 million new roles, a shift that demands urgent adaptation,” says the World Economic Forum.
Experts predict that by 2030, AI could automate or alter up to 30% of job activities in a majority of occupations, signaling a critical need for workforce adaptation.
The integration of AI into everyday business operations is set to increase efficiency but also requires a new kind of workforce, skilled in both technology and soft skills.
The rise of AI necessitates a new educational paradigm, where STEM fields are intertwined with arts and humanities to prepare future generations for a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

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humAIn is an inspiration led by a group of world renowned scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. The goal is to inspire the next generation about misinformation about AI and prepare to seize the opportunity for this next revolution.

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